The Portela Series – Rio Negro, Uruguay

A beautiful lodge overlooking the Rio Negro…
Tucked between river and roost, our Estancia was founded around the idea of trip flexibility.  This unrivaled destination provides the opportunity for our guests to experience all Uruguay has to offer – and all from the same lodge! We are proud to offer a destination where sportsmen and women can enjoy mixed bag shooting at its finest and hunting opportunities never before seen from an outfitter of this region.

Offering:  Uruguay Mixed Bag
Golden Dorado Fishing (Uruguay River)
Series 4 Wing-shooting – Doves, Ducks, Decoyed Pigeon, and Perdiz

Uruguay Dove Hunting 

Uruguay’s dove roosts are among one of our operator’s greatest assets.  More impressive than the roosts themselves, is the fact that they’re yours.  Four and a half days of shooting at our famed roosts gives our guests the seclusion of a private lease, the hospitality and service of a luxury lodge, and the opportunity to hunt destinations rivaled only by wing-shootings finest.  Our dove hunting destinations provide only the highest volume wing-shooting opportunity.  With the dove flight lasting all day, our guests can expect to shoot as many doves as they desire.

Uruguay Duck Hunting

Our duck hunting provide a chance for our guest to experience one of Uruguay’s greatest opportunities — high volume, decoying ducks. Sportsmen and women will experience duck hunting previously known only by the commercial hunters of the early 1900’s. Our hunts are made within close proximity to the lodge over well distanced lagoons and potholes.  The ducks in Uruguay are among the most pressure free populations in South America, and guests can expect the ducks to fly low and slow, and decoy thoughtlessly. 

Uruguay Decoyed Pigeon

Our Uruguay pigeon hunting provides a challenging opportunity that is always appreciated by international sportsmen and women.  Pigeon hunts are made in close proximity to the Estancia, the flight begins minutes after sunrise, and the Uruguay pigeons provide non-stop decoying action throughout the morning.

Our Pigeon hunts are an easy, relaxing, and entertaining shoot that is highlighted by the speed and acrobatic flying patterns of Uruguay’s Picazuro and Spot Wing pigeon.  Our Uruguay pigeon hunts are made in dry, comfortable ground blinds hidden within the endless sunflower, sorghum, and soybean fields that surround the Estancia. Guest can expect to shoot their limit of shells in a typical pigeon shoot, and additional dove opportunities are a common bonus.

Uruguay Perdiz Hunting – Over Pointing Dogs

The sporty Uruguay Perdiz hunt is a great challenge for even the veteran upland hunter.  Hidden in and among the shortest shrub fields of western Uruguay, the Perdiz is a master of camouflage, and a speedy flight bird. This upland test is experienced over well trained English setters or Brittany spaniels. Guest can expect easy walking and continuous points throughout the morning.  Our Uruguay Perdiz shooting is an opportunity for our guests to get away from high volume and test their upland skills.  Guests can expect certain opportunity for limits of Perdiz, beautiful rolling hills, exceptional guides and pointers, and a respectable game bird.

Uruguay Golden Dorado Fishing

Our golden Dorado fishing is quickly becoming a favorite among the sportsmen and women.  The chance to escape from high volume wing-shooting and venture the waters of the Uruguay River in pursuit of the aggressive golden Dorado is a must experience opportunity for guests.  Uruguay’s golden Dorado is revered by the fishing community for its vicious strikes, line stripping runs, and acrobatic leaps.  Our guides can provide fishing opportunities for Uruguay’s golden Dorado ranging from 3 to 50 pounds. The Dorado is colored a magnificent iridescent yellow and green, and its beauty pales in comparison to it fight.  Almost as impressive as the fish itself, is the fact that they are caught on our guides very own, hand carved lures.  This ensures guests of a well experienced, knowledgeable guide throughout their fishing excursion. *Along side the Tarpon, our fly fisherman claim that Uruguay’s golden Dorado is among one of the hardest fish to land on fly tackle. 


Estancia – Rio Negro, Uruguay

There are wing-shooting getaways, and then there’s our Estancia!
Perched on a secluded hilltop overlooking Uruguay’s Rio Negro, and the thousands of acres of sunflower, sorghum, and soybeans that make up western Uruguay, sits ourEstancia.

Refurbished for the 2009 season, and located in the delta of the Rio Negro, this architectural masterpiece is situated atop 100,000 acres of wing-shooting paradise, and offers luxury accommodations that are never far from our shooting sportsmen. These luxury accommodations are complemented by the peaceful flow of the nearby Rio Negro, the picturesque view of endless rolling plains, and the company of one of the largest pigeon roosts in western Uruguay —right in our own back yard!! While relaxing on the lower veranda, guests will enjoy a warm fire, an array of table fare, fine wine, and an open bar, all while watching flight after flight of pigeons return to our back yard for the evening roost.

The province of Rio Negro, Uruguay is home to the operators, and the starting place for their business.  Recently discovered, our Estancia provides the perfect combination of luxury and shooting opportunity for the traveling sportsmen. Hidden on the banks of the Rio Negro, located in western Uruguay, directly east of the famed Cordoba, Argentina is where you will find one of South America’s premier destinations.  

This unique location near Uruguay’s capitol of agriculture offers our guests the flexibility to pursue the opportunity of their choice without venturing far from the comfort of the lodge.  Visible from our second story balcony, and minutes from the estancia, we have shooting locations for ducks, doves, pigeon and perdiz scattered across the thousands of acres that make up our property.

Accommodations include:

1st floor

        2 double-bedrooms with 2 bathrooms (Full Size beds)

        Big living-room with fire place

        Dinning room with fire place

        Big gun room and tack room

2nd floor

         2 bedrooms with private bathrooms (2) (Full Size beds)

         2 bedrooms with 1 bathroom (Full Size beds)

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