Cameroon Hunting Flag

Savannah Eland Hunt

An exclusive 500,000 acre region in the north central part Cameroon, near the Faro National Park, the camp is set up in the center of the hunting area, on a rocky overhang above the Faro River.  Board is in “boucarrous” air-conditioned constructions – living room, dining room, bar, balcony with panoramic view and fully seated kitchen with personnel.  Highly qualified trackers, as well as porters, cooks and staff are at your disposal any time.  Use of four-wheel drive Toyota vehicles – days warm and nights cold.  Season starts December 1.

Forest Bongo Hunt

An exclusive 300,000 acre region in the southeast of Cameroon, near the Lobeke National Park.  The camp is set up in the center of the hunting area, at  the Congo and C.A.R. borders.  After arrival at Douala Airport you will be transferred by private plane the next day.  You will hunt in an Equatorial Forest where the climate is hot and humid.  The previous forest trails allow a deep penetration in search of the prestigious Bongo’s recent tracks, under a professional P.H. and Pygmees Trackers.  You will hunt the Sitatunga and Buffalo along rivers and swamps.